Women & Girls Governing Council

Girls Empowerment Summit

Designing for Social Impact

Women + Girls Governing Council to expand opportunities for women in the transportation industry and inspire girls to live up to their dream. OVDCo created a theme to launch an annual summit tackling diversity and inclusion to support the movement.

Girls Empowerment Summit Event Poster
Tap Card Holder
Tap Card
Giveaway T-shirt
Giveaway Totebag
Women + Girls Governing Council Welcome Poster
Women + Girls Governing Council Line Art
Women + Girls Governing Council Flyer
Women + Girls Governing Council Lapel Pin

Designing to Inspire 

To launch the campaign, we implemented the visual theme to a collective of collaterals ranging from promotionalads, invitations, mailers, tap cards, event signage and backdrops and website assets. At the end of the day, we are excceptionally happy to prvide the council’s needs to achieve their purpose.

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