LA Metro

Blue Line Closure and Reopening

Supporting a Community of Riders

Numerous stations were closed with Metro A Line’s much needed renovation. We were given the task of creating various pieces of designed content to educate the public about: the changes to the transport schedule, routes, improvements done, and options for the riders. Three design themes for varying phases of the construction were developed and applied to multiple mediums.

Metro Blue Line: Before Closure Rail Poster
Metro Blue Line: Before Closure Car Card
Metro Blue Line: Before Closure 2 Sheets
Metro Blue Line: During Closure Digital Display
Metro Blue Line: During Closure Digital Kiosk
Metro Blue Line: During Closure Car Card
Metro A Line: Reopening Rail Poster
Metro A Line: Reopening Lamp Post Banners
Metro A Line Reopening: Newspaper Ads
Metro A Line: Reopening Car Card
Metro A Line Train Wrap

Collaboration for Project Success

We collaborated with multiple teams and professionals including communications, community relations, planning and construction departments. Each team has role to fulfill and we are overjoyed to successfully deliver this multi-year project.

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