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In an effort to foster Filipino solidarity in the US specially during the time of the pandemic where most businesses are closing and the communities getting affected, we designed and developed a directory to provide an easy access for the Filipino-American businesses to their customers and vice-versa.

Adobers | Your Filipino Connection
Adobers | Your Filipino Connection - Single Listing
Adobers | Your Filipino Connection - Browse Listings
Adobers | Your Filipino Connection - Browse Listings
Adobers | Your Filipino Connection - Giphy Campaign
Adobers | Your Filipino Connection - Support Filipinx Campaign
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A Way of Giving Back

Aside from providing a robust directory, we’re also running campaigns to boost the online visibility of the participating businesses through social media and optimizing their listings for search engine. Later in the procces, we have added resources for the Philippine culture and are currently supporting local and online events to inspire the morale of the Filipinos.

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