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Don’t Lose a Client Because Your Website is Out of Date

Get WordPress Website Maintenance Care Services

Your website acts as your marketing agent while you are not talking to your prospects and leads. Ensure that it functions properly and free from malware and other security issues. Get a Web Care Plan today!

Why Your Business Needs Website Design Maintenance Service

A Web Care Plan is more than just a service package; it’s your website’s shield and lifeline. Think of it as having a dedicated team of experts continually safeguarding your digital investment.

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Preventative Care

Just as your car needs regular check-ups to prevent unexpected breakdowns, your website requires preventative maintenance. Our Web Care Plans include routine checks and updates to keep your website in peak condition.

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Website Security

In today’s world of digital threats and cyberattacks, website security is non-negotiable. Our plans encompass robust security measures, fortifying your website against vulnerabilities and potential breaches.

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Protective Measure

Websites, like any software, can harbor vulnerabilities that hackers seek to exploit. Our vigilant team constantly monitors and patches these weak points, reducing the risk of a security breach.

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Prevent Interruptions

Downtime can be costly. With our Web Care Plans, we proactively detect and resolve issues that could lead to service interruptions, ensuring your website remains accessible to your audience.

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Peace of Mind, at Last

Web Care Plans grant you peace of mind, assuring you that your website receives proper maintenance and security. This allows you to focus on managing your business without the technical concerns of website management.


Forget worrying about software updates; we handle them seamlessly

Daily backups ensure swift restoration in case of unexpected issues


Our Continuous monitoring of security threats prevents future problems

Gain insights into your website's performance and resolve user pain points efficiently

It’s Like Having a Tech Support Team on Your Side

Web Care Plans offer you a tech support team, providing access to experts, proactive support, and comprehensive documentation and training. This ensures your website runs smoothly and efficiently, freeing you from technical concerns.

Access a team of web development and maintenance experts

Proactive tech support resolves issues before they disrupt your business

An additional layer of security makes it tough for hackers to breach your website

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Budget Friendly Plans

Our packages our simple, straight to the point and very affordable. In fact, we only have one and it comes with two payment options.

75 / mo 

(Paid annually)

95 / mo if paid monthly

What’s included:


Fast and secure hosting


SSL Certificate (https)


Daily backups


Security scan


Link monitoring


Malware cleanup


Google Analytics


Weekly WordPress updates


On-demand tech support


Error fixes


Monthly report

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