Why You’re Not Making Money from Your Website

We have encountered it many times when we talk to a client and offer them web design, their response is “nobody is visiting my website so it’s not worth investing”.

In this article, you will read some of the most common reasons why websites “don’t work” and how to address them.

It doesn’t have value to share

If you are not blogging or are not creating additional content on your website, people don’t find the reason to visit your website after they have visited it once. You spend time to create social media posts daily and after a few hours maybe even minutes, that post gets buried down in the social media feed. Your website’s article is meant for sharing. The more you share it, the more it will help with indexing your website that helps with SEO. You can share it on your social media too! That’s one great thing about it.

Your website’s design is unconvincing

On average, it takes about 8 seconds for people to be impressed by your website’s appearance. It leads website visitors to trust you or not. The structure also affects the way people interact with it. A poorly designed website causes people to bounce off and leave. 

Design is more than just great aesthetics. It also dictates the user experience of the people browsing and it is very important part of web design. Great user experience contributes to conversion. 

Share Value on Your website
Tell More People about Your Website

You’re not telling enough people about it

Your business website’s activity growth is like the following of your social media page and it increases when you tell people about it. The difference is, your website is more credible because you own it and it is unique to you while on social media, you share the same platform among many others.

When you market your social media, make sure to direct them to our website. It’s one of the best ways to get people to visit it without spending money on SEO.



It takes forever to load

People are impatient and they leave whenever they have to wait for a page to load. It could be due to wrong image formats, a mediocre server performance or a poorly designed site architecture. 

You can always choose to build your own website but make sure you follow the latest web standards so you end up with a high performing website. Better yet, and it will save you time, hire a professional.

You don’t have any backlinks

This circles back to having blogs and sharing your website url in your socail media content. Backlinks are simply links that lead back to your website. They are very useful for search engines and, humans! Backlinks help with SEO too.

Some of the common ways getting quality backlinks are guest posting, writing an article in the media, or having super compelling content that everyone want to click.

Make Your Website Load Fast
Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

It’s not mobile friendly

About 70% of the market browse website using their mobile device. If you’re website is not so accessible for mobile use, then you are losing big share of your market.

Search engine ranks mobile sites higher. And with the rise of the demand, your website needs to support responsive design.

Hiring a professional is not so expensive at all

When you plan to build or rebuild your website, consider hiring a professional. It will pay off in saving you time so you can focus on selling your product or service. Most importantly, it will bring in results in the long run. 

Here are OneVector Design Co, it is our mission to help. We’re offering budget friendly design packages available in flexible payment terms. We also do full custom design if you are ready to take your website to the next level.

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