What Your Website is Telling You About Your Customers

Customers will act differently to the use of your website as they have unique needs and preferences. We focus on how to discovewr them and learn how to address them.

What Your Website is Telling Your About Your Customers

Most websites nowadays have integrated analytics which allows you to track customer activity on what channels your customers are coming from, how much you are converting and how much you are losing.

Did you know that there are more ways to learn about your customers’ interests through your website content and its layout?

Analytics is the most obvious way you can track user activity on your website and it is actual data gathered by your website about your customers. You can learn about their demographics, interests, the new and returning visitor rate, your acquisition and conversion trend, if set up properly.

It can be jarring to look at the charts and the graphs of your analytics report. Especially if you are too busy running your business. It can be as simple as a quick glance but if you are planning your marketing strategy, you will need more information about it and what they mean.

A good place to start is learning how much time do you need to analyze. Normally, a six-month trend would give you a good set of information, but a 12-month period will give you best results.

But did you know that there are more ways to get insights about your customers? 


Keyword Searches


We’ve been saying this over and over again, content is king! And this is just one of the many reasons why. Your website’s copy is a big contributor to your website’s SEO performance whether it has the right keywords or not. If you have them, that’s great! If you don’t you may be missing a lot of business. 

How can you track activity on your website through keywords? You don’t. You track them through the activity in your niche and that includes search results and your competitor’s activities.


And it’s not the first time we’re telling our regular readers about this either, your website’s layout is giving you information about your customers. But how do you track and measure them? We do it by recording actual user activity in terms of clicks, movement, scroll and attention rate. Put them together, you get a heat map of customer pain points!

A heat map will tell you how intuitive your website’s layout is. You will learn if the extra spaces are helping or not, if the amount of scroll is lending you to conversion or not, if your user flow is leading the customers to where you want to go or not. There’s so much more!

Customer Insight Based Layout

Final Thoughts

Keywords, activity heat maps and analytics go hand in hand. Put these together with your website’s analytics and your marketing strategy will be like a little pebble dropped into a water surface, with its effect reaching places it has never been to and where they need to. Afterall, you are using actual customer insights. It came from them and it’s not just an assumption.

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We Can Help You Take Advantage of Your Website’s Insights

Keyword Audit


Your target market has a set of keywords they use every time they search for a business like yours. These keywords have rankings and they help bring your website to the top of the search results. If your website does not have any of them, you’re missing the boat.

Seo Analysis

SEO Analytics

It’s a given that your website has analytical data that provides you with insightful information about your actual customer’s demographics, where you’re getting them, and whether you’re converting or losing them. If you haven’t had it reviewed, sales might be falling through the cracks.

Activity Heat Mapping

Customer Activity

Do you know what your customers are interested in and not? How much attention does your website get from them? They may be having a hard time navigating the pages of your website. And if that’s the case, they leave your website and it gets a not so ok reputation.

We have supported businesses to realize the power of their own content and website to turn them into conversion and revenue machines.

Allow us to help you in these areas. We’ll guide you through the process and provide you with recommendations that you can use for your next marketing decision.

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