JV Law Offices understands the importance of a well-designed website in representing our firm’s values and attracting potential clients. With our expertise, we have created a visually appealing, user-friendly, and ADA compliant website that reflects JV Law Offices’ commitment to excellence.

Website Layout mockup in two vertical screens with a desktop computer on the right side
Mobile phone displaying a law firm website with diverse family looking at a mobile device
Female lawyer working at a table looking at laptop with notepad and coffee on the side
Gavel with stethoscope

Most law firm websites focus more on the attorneys. Our Approach with JV Law Offices is different. We shifted the tone of the website to focus more on the customers. With the customer in mind, this strategy not only works better in better relaying the message but also in establishing a friendly connection between the law firm and the clients.

Young couple consulting with estate planning attorney
Top view of laptop with phone and pens with sticky notes lying on the side
Woman using a phone with two hands looking at a couple in the screen
Female attorney posing for the camera

Additionally, the website is designed in a way in consideration of individuals with disabilities. The JV Law Offices website is ADA compliant by integrating the Website Content Accessibility Guidelines as part of the design process right from the beginning.