After we have designed the website for FAHM Mania 3, the organizers have asked for our help to establish its onlinepresence on Google, specially that the festival is on its third year of celebrating Filipino American History Month.

Laptop computer displaying FAHM Mania 3's colorful festival website
FAHM Mania Website - Bridging Generations October 14 2023
FAHM Mania 3 Festival top Google Search results
FAHM Mania 3 Festival Website Vendor Application

The event is starting to promote by itself brought about by the success from the previous year’s celebration. Within a few weeks of setting up the on-page and off-page SEO of, we were able to get results in the first page in a handful of keywords.

FAHM ManiaFestival website SEO Google Events results
FAHM Mania Festival website SEO articles
FAHM Mania Festival website video SEO

One of the successes of the campaign is credited from the multiple articls we create every week and intersting video content that we publish on YouTube.