Top Financial Apps to Integrate with Your ERP

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For modern businesses, effectively managing finances is crucial for scaling and optimization. Integrating the top finance apps with your central ERP system can make a huge difference in financial transparency, cash flow, accounting, and overall efficiency.  

There are a number of great applications that integrate seamlessly with your ERP to enhance financial management workflows. Here are some of the best finance apps to consider integrating:

Accept Payments Seamlessly with Stripe, PayPal, Authorize.Net

Stripe and PayPal stand out as two of the easiest and most versatile options for accepting payments. The native apps integrate directly into most ERPs, allowing businesses to easily send invoices and take payments from clients and customers right within your system. This saves major time, streamlines accounting, and reduces reliance on manual payment processing.

For recurring billing and subscription models, Stripe makes the process very smooth. PayPal’s ubiquity provides customers with a trusted payment option and allows easy global payment receipt. Both can greatly optimize cash flow.

When it comes to processing bigger amounts, considering payment processors like Clover, SpotOn, and Heartland are a better option and you integrate them using Authorize.Net. This way, you save more money on merchant fees as the rates are lower.

Automate Accounting with QuickBooks and Xero

For many companies, QuickBooks and Xero are the go-to accounting software options. The great news is that both integrate beautifully with an ERP system. Instead of having to manually export and import data, you can sync key accounting data like new invoices, bill payments, expense claims, accounting entries, contacts, and more automatically between the platforms. 

This seamless synchronization saves vast amounts of time on manual accounting efforts. It also reduces potential errors from duplicate data entry. Having financial data flow directly between your ERP and QuickBooks or Xero means accounts stay updated in real-time.

Streamline Bill Payments with automates the bill payment process end-to-end, integrating cleanly with an open source ERP. You can review bills, approve payments, and issue payments quickly. also reduces paperwork through automated workflows, keyword matching of documents, and electronic payments instead of paper checks.

The time and costs savings from automating accounts payable can be massive, especially for businesses still reliant on paper bills and manual payment issues. Integrating provides easy oversight of cash flow as well.

There are many other great finance apps to extend your ERP’s capabilities – from managing expenses to enabling omnichannel payments and global supplier invoice payments. With the right financial integrations tailored to your business needs, you can optimize workflows, reduce administrative costs, improve reporting accuracy, and speed up payment cycles across the entire finance function. Leveraging the open API of ERPs and large integration ecosystem pays major dividends if done right. 


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