Top ERP Systems with Website and E-Commerce Capabilities 

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Several leading ERP systems on the market today have modules, extensions or built-in functionality to enable e-commerce website integration. Here are some top options:

Odoo– As an open-source ERP platform, Odoo offers integrated website building and hosting tools combined with back-office management of online orders, products catalogs, inventory and more.  

SAP Business One – SAP’s solution for small and midsize businesses allows you to connect your website to the back-office ERP platform through its e-commerce module. This facilitates real-time inventory synchronization, automated order management, integrated invoicing and other capabilities.  

Oracle NetSuite – With native end-to-end e-commerce features, NetSuite makes it easy to connect your webstore with essential business processes from inventory to customer fulfillment and financials.  

Microsoft Dynamics 365 – While Dynamics 365 doesn’t have an out-of-the-box webstore, it makes integration seamless with external e-commerce solutions. There are also add-on extensions for building online stores.   

Epicor ERP – Boasting effective web store creation and synchronization, Epicor ERP’s e-commerce module uses Elasticsearch and seamlessly handles order distribution across sales channels.

Infor CloudSuite and Acumatica ERP also provide website integration with popular platforms like Magento and customizable storefronts respectively.

Key Integration Capabilities

When assessing ERP systems capable of syncing with an e-commerce website, key capabilities to evaluate include:

Inventory Synchronization – Real-time visibility and updates between website and ERP ensures accurate product availability. 

Order/Sales Management – Automated synchronization of orders placed online into fulfillment, shipping, invoicing and reporting in ERP.

Flexible Content and Commerce – Options to build SEO-optimized sites and shopping cart functionality tailored to your business.  

Shipping/Fulfillment – Connect order fulfillment processes with carriers to enable real-time rating, tracking and more.

Reporting – Single unified view of order history, customer data, inventory movement and sales metrics across online and offline channels.

By leveraging these integration capabilities, businesses can manage their digital and physical sales channels more efficiently through a single ERP solution.


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