Top Apps to Integrate with Your CRM

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Empower Productivity Through CRM Integrations

As a financial advisor, accountant, tax professional or bookkeeper, adopting a centralized customer relationship management (CRM) system marks an essential step for supporting critical business needs—from managing client data to reporting insights to ensuring compliance. Yet simply implementing a CRM software alone only taps into part of its potential. The real transformation comes when you integrate your platform with other best-in-class applications your teams use daily. Deeper connectivity supercharges productivity.

Email Marketing Software  

Integrating programs like Mailchimp or Constant Contact into your CRM workflow allows you to instantly turn CRM contact or segment lists into targeted email campaigns while tracking engagement right within each customer record. This simplifies communications and bookkeeping.  

Accounting Software

Connecting platforms like QuickBooks to your CRM synchronizes key financial client details like billing and invoicing. As crucial information updates in either system, the other self-updates. This saves employees substantial manual effort reentering data while reducing inaccuracies.

Calendaring Software 

Import meetings and appointments scheduled in apps like Google Calendar or Outlook directly into associated CRM customer profiles. Automatic alerts also trigger when upcoming engagement opportunities arise related to existing client records. This coordination ensures your teams provide consistent service without dropping the ball.

Office Productivity Software

Embed documents or files managed in tools like Google Workspace, Microsoft 365 or Dropbox into individual customer profiles for instant access by authorized staff from within the CRM platform. This alleviates toggling between systems to locate relevant information needed when assisting clients.

Project Management Apps

Integrate platforms like Asana, Trello or Jira for coordinating tasks, service requests and staff assignments across departments all through connected CRM account records. This transparency keeps everyone looped in.

Website Builders

Capture lead data from online forms, surveys or quizzes built using platforms like Wix or Squarespace directly into your CRM database for immediate follow-up. No need for manual entry or disruptive handoffs between teams.  

Analytics Software  

Tools like Power BI, Tableau or Looker all integrate to help generate visual insights and sales reports leveraging CRM data combined with metrics from finance or marketing systems. This empowers data-driven decisions.

The more your apply integrated best-of-breed apps already driving key operations like the above into your CRM ecosystem, the more it cements itself as an indispensable hub enhancing team alignment, compliance and productivity firm-wide.


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