Tips in Choosing the Right e-Commerce Designer and Developer

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Just like that, it’s February 2022! If you’re still doing business the same way you did it two years ago, you are getting left behind by your competition. For this month’s article, we want to talk about a few tips on how to be more visible online and get more customers and sales. And to achieve that, you need a partner. Someone who will guide you through the transition to online sales. Below are some tips on how to find the best and leading web and graphic design partner.

1. Someone Who Listens

There are a lot of talented web designers and developers out there and they are very proud of their skills and achievements. And it’s their right to brag about it because the hours they put into it are no joke. But here’s one thing many forget, the website they are building is not about them. It is about YOU. Oftentimes, designers and developers forget to listen to what you need and want and go straight to what they think is the solution. It probably may be a solution that they applied to one of their past projects but each business has a different story to tell and so is a website.

A good eCommerce website designer/developer who listens will spend time to discover and assess your needs so they can guide you better with options for solutions. Building an eCommerce website requires a lot of time and effort. And it makes all the time spent with a designer and developer to be an easy experience. It’s a partnership after all.

2. Someone Who Will Guide You not Persuade You

After listening to you, your chosen web design and development partner must know how to guide you in making the decisions for the website as they build solutions. A good website development company will come up with options and will walk you through so you would better understand what your website is going to be after they have performed their magic. It does not necessarily mean you will learn all the jargon of eCommerce but it means you will have a more solid idea of what it will be capable of and what it can do for your business.

E-Commerce is a whole lot of technical stuff that can be frustrating to understand sometimes. Someone who understands it thoroughly and walks you through it will benefit you and your business.

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3. Will Customize Strategies for You

We all know that every business is different. So are websites. Each one needs a tailored solution to maximize results. A template does not necessarily work for all like a hammer won’t work in cutting wood. It may work but is not as efficient. Each eCommerce website will have a different audience and website users will react differently to each website, depending on the design, the product presentation, and even the user experience in browsing and checking out. Ecommerce websites require custom design and development to ensure that these expectations are met.

Ecommerce is not just about technical matters. It is also about how people interact with your website, your products and your brand.

4. Applies Responsive Design and Accessibility

We all know about mobile responsiveness and it just makes the world a better place to live in when it comes to browsing websites. It only not makes your website easily accessible via mobile devices, but it also makes your website native to the followers of your brand, especially if you don’t have an app that is very expensive to build and maintain. Based on our experience, when a platform is something that people can bring with them, the chances of it being used are increasing.

One of today’s increasing demands when it comes to designing and developing any website is accessibility. May it be for desktop or mobile, accessibility is a very important factor to consider. Web and mobile accessibility can start from the very setup of text and images and can go all the way to varying controls to view the website differently. Aside from assisting users with difficulty in using websites, it also improves the overall experience of every visitor. Parts of it can also contribute to search engine optimization.

Responsive Web Design
Final Thoughts

You may have noticed that we did not talk about any of the usual requirements when choosing a design partner and we did it on purpose. You may know about them already and we chose to share inputs using characteristics over skills. Skills are important but character is more and it will give you the most out of the working relationship. Choosing a web design and development agency is like choosing a partner. You will be communicating with them a lot for a long period of time for the duration of the design and development project and even after the website has been launched. You will want to choose someone you can trust. 

We would like to know your thoughts about this article. Feel free to leave a comment below.

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