Free Online Tools for Your Pet Store Business Used for SEO

Free Online Tools that can Bring Customers to Your Pet Store Business

In the previous article, we talked about how to set up a website for your pet store, grooming, boarding, daycare, food, supplement, and so on… business. Now that you are up and running, we need to make sure that customers are finding your website, social media, and other online listings. 

We’re going to cover the factors that affect your online visibility using tools that are already available to you but you have not maximized just yet. So buckle up and we’re diving!

Google Trends

Google Trends is a platform created by, you guessed it, Google! It is used to aggregate data online to complete the top and popular search queries on the web in various locations all around the world. It shows you the most trending searches in a particular topic and can be filtered down using location from states down to the cities. 

Checking out the trends would be a good start in discovering what keywords you can use in composing your business description for your website or social media. So then you’re not just guessing which ones to use but you have a more solid basis of where your content is coming from. Of course, you want to use the ones that have the most percentage of searches otherwise it’s not going to work. And It’s also important that you list down a few options for keyword sets and we will explain that in the next part.

Google Trends for Pet Stores

Keyword Planner

Now you know what’s trending, you can now plan and generate keywords that you will use in all of your platforms. Yes, whatever keywords you will come up with have to be consistent with the use throughout your pet service website, social media, and other online listings. That will make your platforms rank better in Google searches.

Keyword Planner is a very easy-to-use online platform to determine your keywords for your website and other marketing channels. You can either do that by typing in the keywords you got from Google Trends or using your website’s URL to filter keyword suggestions. But for this article, we will focus on the first one.

When you hop on to Keyword Planner, do the following: 

  1. Choose the ”Start with Keywords” option and type in your trending keywords. 
  2. Add your website’s URL so Keyword Planner can use it as a filter

Then boom! You will see all the keyword suggestions based on your trending topics input. To maximize the results, you want to use the keyword suggestions with the highest average of monthly searches and low competition.

Keyword Planner

Social Media

There are only a handful of businesses that do not use social media. They have their reasons but you, as a pet business, need to have healthy social media accounts. 

Now that you have selected a list of keywords to use, it’s time to apply them. One of the most visited platforms will be your social media. That also means you need to use the keywords you found here in your About description, post captions, and even hashtags. 

Social media is a platform for your customers to interact with you, and you with them. And it starts with you posting so they can react to your posts (of course!). It’s also a great place to show customers the voice of your brand. Remember, your social media profile is the lighter and more fun side of your business. What you can’t put on your website, you can on social media, but they work side-by-side.

Social Media for Pet Stores

Google My Business

How important is it to be in Google My Business (GMB)? Approximately 86% of customers look for businesses on Google Maps when they need anything. Even if they simply Google in a browser, let’s say pet groomers near me” or “pet stores near me”, Google Maps results are usually at the top of the screen making it the very first thing a customer sees. 

GMB is like a directory platform where you can input a lot of information about your business, share updates like promos, new products, and services, or simply new photos. 

Pro tip: Make sure you use the keywords you have researched to ensure you show up more.

Most importantly, it’s a very good platform to get reviews from your pet-owner customers. Of course, it will work only if you ask for reviews from customers as not all of them will voluntarily do so. Your chances of showing up in GMB are higher if you have more good reviews.

Google My Business for Dog Groomers

Final Thoughts

Now you have your keywords, your hashtags, and your GMB setup, it’s time to apply them all to your website. You can do anything you want with your website. You can have your social media feed embedded, your GMB reviews displayed in real-time, and you can write anything about your business or brand in any way you can think of. 

Follow these quick tips to make sure you are maximizing your exposure:

  1. Use the keywords as part of your headers and subheaders
  2. Add alt tags to images using the same keywords
  3. Don’t repeat the keywords on a page more than twice
  4. If you create articles, don’t forget the hashtags
  5. Keep creating content and use the keywords and the hashtags

It may be a lot but it will pay off and your pet business will get the most out of it. If ever you don’t have time to perform them, you can always ask for professional help. It won’t be a loss, but a big gain as you can focus on your business rather than trying to learn how to do it yourself.

It may or may not be your jam to build websites, but you could at least get started and put something together. The only way to start is to start. 

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