2024 Digital Marketing Trends Financial Firms Should Leverage

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​Digital Marketing Tips for Accounting Firms, Tax Services, and Financial Planners

As financial services institutions including accounting firms, tax practices and wealth management advisors map out 2024 customer acquisition strategies, digital marketing merits major attention and investment given shifting online consumer behaviors. Although channels, technologies and tactics continuously evolve, focusing on these five 2024 digital marketing trends should help financial brands boost qualified traffic, leads and sales:

Immersive Video Marketing

Short form video ads leveraging reels and shorts on self-serve platforms will continue accelerating as viewership grows across mobile and streaming television. As attention spans decline, creative storytelling through video enables financial firms to engage audiences. Investing in video studio equipment like ring lights, mics and editing software pays dividends for brands aiming to execute captivating and helpful video content cost-effectively in-house. 

Conversational Marketing Automation 

Advances in natural language processing and machine learning are making AI chatbots radically better at comprehending context and emotions to deliver supportive financial conversations that build trust and loyalty. Their integration with customer data and automated workflows enables hyper-personalized suggestions. As customers increasingly expect service immediacy, having messaging bots and voice assistants ready to provide 24/7 self-service and human hand-offs gives financial firms key competitive advantages.

Omni-Channel Customer Experiences

Orchestrating synchronized experiences blending physical branch interactions with personalized online engagement across devices presents enormous missed opportunities currently. Though complexity persists, financial providers specializing in wealth management or complicated P&L advisory require hybrid online/offline journeys to establish credibility. Firms able to map and support customers throughout decision pathways cohesively will earn significant market share. 

Targeted Account-Based Marketing 

Beyond generic lead buying, financial services are discovering that programmatically identifying and engaging high-value accounts using predictive data and intent propensities helps acquire ideal customers more efficiently. Developing VIP advisory councils, producing focused account content and automation rules catered to key accounts has proven effective for personalizing engagement with revenue growth potential.

Customer Analytics and Lifecycle Nurturing

With consumers more comfortable switching financial services firms quickly, focusing on continually adding value throughout customer lifecycles is imperative. This requires tagging online interactions to in turn personalize education, incentive offers and advisor connections based on lifecycle stage and activity at scale. Technology now enables this automation but analytics informing trigger logic is indispensable.

In summary, financial services institutions able to unify digital experiences across channels using martech tools tailored to their strengths while pursuing innovation in video, conversational and lifecycle engagements will sustainably amplify marketing success regardless of wider economic shifts. Competency developing video content internally also pays dividends.


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